Love is a lesson in dying..

I am being called into the lives of some very dear friends.. at least 5 to 6 ‘couples’ who are grappling with this called ‘love’ … they want their relationship to blossom, and they want it to be a particular way..
I am learning more and more that this thing called ‘love’ has little or nothing to do with what the mind wants to cling on to -especially what is right/wrong.

Love always invites a dive into the unknown. It asks for us to die – again and again- to some story of the mind- of what should and should not be.
The moment we want to ‘hold on’ to how it should be.. or should not be.. we are caught in a crazy compromise..
And the human spirit will not invest itself in a compromise. No longer.

And yet, when you, I, we are willing to ‘die’ to some thing that seemed ‘sacred’ .. like a holy cow- a belief, a should.. guess what.. love blossoms.. in ways unimaginable- there is a newness and now-ness.. It does not want to be confined by any definition… or norm of society. Nor is it opposed to society!

It just invites us to play a bigger and bigger game… take on the adventure of raw living again and again.. and it is ok if we want to settle for less. It will allow you to stay with a compromise.. since it does not judge. And yet it will keep inviting you to take the dive, to die, to fly…

Love is a lesson in dying.

Either we die to the past, to our stories and mythologies about what it is and what it is not.. or willy nilly the relationship begins to decay. And that affects the aliveness of all of life..

Can we be willing to ‘not know’ what is love, commitment, freedom..
and yet discover it by continuing to see what it is not … by ‘negating’ – without condemning or justifying stuff like emotional attachment, pleasure, companionship, physical intimacy.. all these are part of the human journey.. and often stuff that we cling on to with dear life.. And in that clinging lose touch with that flame of love..

I also grapple with it.. And in my willingness to not know and conclude and define it.. there are layers and layers being revealed.. unbeknownst.. And then sometimes I get caught in wanting it a particular way.. sometimes a nice nudge, sometimes a nice slap comes.. such a compassionate life.. wanting us to wake up! Its time 😉

Will the human being take the plunge and be willing to be free from the known? Love can never be in the realm of the known.

Beyond Experiencing.. Bentinho Massaro

I first met Bentinho at Thiruvanamalai and was deeply touched by his simple presence and what he was sharing (which I have shared in another blog entitled Free Awareness) My next meeting with him was in the US when I went to participate in a retreat. And he was sharing from a different place.

I love this piece I picked up from his Facebook page, ‘Beyond Experiencing’. Some of you will enjoy it. Though the invitation is to go beyond enjoyment .. or for that matter, any experience.


Renato Blue said: “Just for clarification purposes: would you please be so kind as to group and explain the following words/pointers and how they relate to each other and also which of them are synonyms: consciousness, awareness, presence, being, self, i am, emptiness, void, absolute, natural state, source, love, existence, reality, energy, vibration, frequency…thanks bro ♥”



Consciousness: I use this sometimes synonymously with awareness, but if we want to be specific and scientific, Consciousness refers to BEING AWARE OF something. In other words, consciousness is the subject observing objects/appearances/experiences. Consciousness is the experiencer of experiences.

Awareness is Pure inescapable Experiencing. It is already there whether you are conscious of it, or not.

Awareness refers to the unfindable obviousness of the fact that there is an impersonal knowingness of whatever IS right now.

Unlike consciousness, Awareness doesn’t have a reference point. It is without object, and as a result without subject too.



Presence = Being in relationship to appearances. In a sense, presence is Being outwardly, in relationship to a ‘world’.

Being can be with a sense of presence, or without. With a sense of presence, it is the I AM sense. Without a sense of presence or focus, it is Empty Being (not this, not that, simply indivisble, unified, ingraspable being.)


self, Self and Beyond Self (Void, Absolute, Source):

self with a small s, refers to the imagined self: the gross thinking mind. One’s image of oneself as an individual. The idea of ‘me’.

Self with a capital S, refers to that space or presence within which these thoughts of ‘me’ (self) arise, endure, and disappear. To become aware of the space between thoughts, or the space around focal points, is to realize the Self. That Aware-Space of Being.

When the Self gets clung to as a presence, it starts to grow thinner and thinner, more and more transparent. The illusion of Self, or Beingness, itself becomes unbelievable.

As a result, we start to realize that there is something beyond even Self/Presence/Consciousness/Beingness.

We realize: “If I can be aware of Self as that field of pure knowingness, that pure experiencing, that pure existence-presence, then that means I must be beyond it somehow…”

It is this realization that when marinated in, opens the back-door to the intuition that there is something beyond consciousness of any kind… there is something beyond Self. Self itself needs a source. What is its source?

This propels one, in a sense, through the Void, into the realization of Beyondness, or Infinity, or Pure Nothing-ness. It is beyond the field of experiencing.

Is the Absolute beyond Awareness? Yes. Awareness is still a tool to know the Universe. It’s the emptiest, subtlest appearance of creation, since its function is to be subtler than everything else that IS/exists/appears. Otherwise it could not know ‘all-that-is’.

Awareness, although impossible to describe adequately in a scientific way, in a sense, it is the friction that the bubble of existence/presence creates as it floats through no-thing-ness/infinity. The ‘friction’ created by the difference or contrast between no-thingness(Beyondness/Absolute) and every-thingness (presence/beingness), is what we know as awareness. It is the invisible, unmanifest bridge of mysterious ‘knowing’ between All-That-Is, and All-That-Is-NOT (Nothing-ness/Beyondness/Absolute).

In a faulty sense, one could say that Beyondness or Source or The Absolute, is AWARE OF Beingness/Presence/Everythingness/All-That-Is.
Without ‘All-That-Is (Presence/Experiencing)’ the Absolute would not be Aware, for there would be nothing to be aware of. In that sense, even Awareness depends on an object, albeit the object that Awareness depends on being ‘All-That-Is’ and no longer just a localized or definable object.

In a sense, Consciousness is the observer or subject of all apparent objects WITHIN creation or within ‘all-that-is,’ while Pure Awareness is the observer or subject of Creation ITSELF; of ‘all-that-is’ ITSELF.

As such, Awareness (which again remember, is only the effect of the absolute and the relative rubbing off against each other, creating a contrast-effect we call Awareness, much like a rainbow is the effect of rain and sunlight, and can never be found in and of itself, as an existing substance with a defined location or presence) will always be there in any form of experiencing.

The Absolute, or Beyondness, is that which remains when the entire universe and ‘All-That-Is’ disappears. As such, although Awareness and Beingness appear timeless to us, in the face of the Absolute, Awareness is temporary and only the Absolute is truly WITHOUT time. That which is not present, cannot have time, for it never began. All that is present, in however subtle a way, IS to some extend, time itself.

Ask yourself this: “What remains when the whole universe disappears? What is there at the end of all creation, of all knowledge, of all experiencing?” – Stay in that gap of no-consciousness and you will start to intuit the truly timeless, spaceless infinite absence which is the Source of ‘All-That-Is’.


The Natural State would refer to just being at ease as effortless awareness. Non-grasping openness of Empty Being/Awareness.


Love is the basis of ‘All-That-Is’, as such, it IS ‘All-That-Is.’
It is the very first, and ONLY expression of the Absolute. It is Oneness. It is the substratum of all that is.

Love is synonymous with Presence, Beingness, Being, Existence, AMness, IS-ness, Primordial Energy, Consciousness (sometimes, depending on use).


Reality I sometimes use to refer to ‘All-That-Is’, and sometimes I use it to refer to the Absolute/Beyondness. But this is rare. usually when i say reality, I mean ‘All That Is’.



This is a bit of a relative term, as it differs upon use and per individual. What I mean when I say “Snap out of world-consciousness and back into your natural frequency”, in a sense I am suggesting the same as “Recognize that effortless spacious lightness… that vibrant aliveness. And as such, I am basically talking about Beingness or Presence.

However, Frequency of Vibration I also use to point to the individual’s core vibration. That frequency or vibration which is of the individual soul’s highest individual self, so to speak. One’s Light body you could say.

Since individuality is, in absolute terms, illusory, the terms Frequency and Vibration apply only to teaching and living Relative Freedom. Which is, nevertheless, very supporting and relatively relevant :-).

Our core frequency or vibration is the very heart of our individuality as a spirit, as an individualized portion of here-and-now Consciousness.

When we maintain an awareness of this light-hearted light-body or frequency, and discard thoughts of ‘a world out there’ that make us feel heavy and ‘down’, we remain centered in our light-body’ and are not dragged down by our Mental and Emotional and Physical bodies. All four are in a sense present while incarnate in third-density reality (planet earth and human beings for example).

The key to heaven on earth, is to remain as this light-frequency when we are in relationship with what appears to be ‘the world’. To not collapse into lower vibrations such as concerns and beliefs that we picked up from our parents and society. We quite literally lighten up the world if we remain true to our natural frequency…

This is also the way to attract to oneself that reality which is representative of one’s truest, highest frequency as an individual (this core frequency is slightly, or grossly different for every individual). One’s core frequency is one’s preferred ‘state’ within the realm of experience-land to be centered in throughout the day, for it enables reality to become very malleable and reflective of one’s true core frequency. The core frequency is the ideal state of one’s purpose here as an incarnate entity. It gives off and attracts exactly what it intended to give off and attract to the illusory world it projected itself into (incarnation).

It is only our beliefs that keeps this natural light from upping the frequency of all that one meets.

On Effort & Silence…

Vishu has been a dear friend ever since I first met him.
There was a spontaneous connection, a flow in conversation and more.
Often, its not something you can figure out but with some people, friends, there is a certain chemistry.
And its best not figured out.
The only thing is to live it. To revel in it.
He came for the Tao and added his song.. literally..

And he wrote this poem. Inspired by what flows in the Tao.
Often people mistake what is present has something to do with me.. in fact, it is present when I am not. Something in this poem spoke to me.. I sense it will also speak to you.

The furrow of an Effort

Pondering on the complexities of life
Filled with pain, with struggle and strife
Haplessly we resume our fight
In a macabre abyss we search for a light

Sorrows seem aplenty and the joys so few
And so we forge gods to help see us through
We plead and we bargain and gamble with a deity
In doing so we steal its created divinity

Our promised utopia has gone down the drains
Our faith like the moon; it waxes and wanes
The time has now come to rethink what we thought
For all we believed in has but come to naught

With the tides we must turn and must shift our perspective
Take the good with the bad; view it as a collective
Let us try not to cling on to things oh so tightly
For beauty is appreciated best when held lightly

When we cease our inner struggle, our anguish we release
This awareness with it brings a calm and a peace
Then life just begins to flourish and flow
You don’t need to believe it when you already know

Dialects of Silence – Vishrut Sinha

The silence all-enveloping brings with it such a comfort
No lines on our forehead, no furrow of an effort

I’m trying to fathom all the different dialects of silence

Of this language that is spoken between all other languages

The language of dreams, thoughts, emotions and actions

How it allows, invites, restricts

Yet is ever-kneeling in prayer

How it connects my heartstrings to yours

And yet makes me aware of the divide between us

How hushed up it is

And yet so deafening

I wonder

Does it tiptoe from around the corner

Hiding behind the notes of music

Waiting to sneak up on me?

Or does it lie naked before me

In the humble spaces between these words and these lines?

Does it have the face of infinity?

Does its veil even obstruct my view?

Is it seducing me right now?

Or are we in union already?

Is this what lies at the heart of the ocean?

Or in the vast chasms of space?

There is this void within me

And yet the epiphany as I write this

So I smile with joy

At the futility of my attempt

For I am but using mere words

– Vishrut Sinha

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