Wanted: A Life Purpose (*conditions apply)

Loved the profound simplicity of this.

How can a mind that has not ended fear and conflict contact what is calling?
How can a life touch a life when the noise and violence that is inherent in the self has not come to a rest?

Thanks Aalif n GD.
GD, Aalif dono khade, kake laagun paaye
Balihari mai pyare Aalif ki, Jin GD diyo dikhaae..


Waiting for A DirectionSince I let go of my full-time corporate job, every few months, I used to feel dejected that life/god/existence was not showing me my calling, the grand and glorious purpose in life that I had heard and read so much about.

On one such gloomy, rainy day, my mentor GD sat me down and asked me: “What will it look like when you find your calling?” Despite my past experience with his seemingly innocent-sounding questions, I answered that one.

I replied it should be something worthy, inspiring and larger-than-life. “What you are seeking is not your calling,” GD pointed out, “but a new path of ego-gratification.”

Wow. I hadn’t seen that coming.

With just one sentence, my new age/light-worker/eco-warrior ego was crushed like a recycled coca-cola can. So my oh-so-righteous rants to God were just an employee haranguing his boss for a promotion? As I recovered my composure, I asked…

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How life held me yesterday … and led me today ;-)

I was all set and excited to go to the Sahyadri Study centre.. I would enjoy the peace and quiet reflection time. Reading, writing, simply being. Nourishing myself. I may even get to meet my daughter, Sufii, my dearest angel and spend time with her. And who knows, I might even get the opportunity to … Continue reading How life held me yesterday … and led me today 😉