On being a man..

In a recent program with my dear friend, Sukhvinder, on what it means to awaken and balance the inner man and woman- she showed us a beautiful short film in which Robert Bly and Michael Meade take a group of men into what does it mean to be a man.

And how the warriors in the past would need to learn poetry and dance before they were taught the art of war. So that the warrior was sensitive and not brutal.
I reflected how all martial arts are not about brutality.. but about peace and self defense..

Michael shares a lovely story- I think an old African tale- “Killing the lizard” and how he shares it is also awesome..
it reveals how most of us men don’t seem to really be grow up beyond our boyhood.. and what does it take to truly “grow up”… and how different it is from being ‘macho’.

It would be well worth your while to see it.. Links below.. you will need to see 3 videos of 8-10min. Once you see one.. you will want to see the next.. all connected.. broken up into smaller bytes. Enjoy.

It begins with

An Old Conversation .. (check the video by clicking on the link underlined!) 

And then moves on to the exploration of

The Warrior (see the awesome story of “killing the lizard” by clicking the link !) 

And finally reveals what is involved when we take on this journey of being a man. 

On being a man (can click this one also! to complete the story!) 

Its interesting I am also reading the book that my dear friend Rhea recommended

The Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda and I am at the point at which Don Juan is revealing to Carlos what it means to be a warrior.

Amazing how life configures itself to offer what is most needed for our awakening to the truth of who we are.

Thanks Sukhi, Rhea, Carlos, Robert, Michael and all that is. The one dance lives.


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