Becoming her own Mother

I love Sukhi’s writing which is such a reflection of her being. This was her post on my birthday and somehow it speaks to me a lot.. I am surer many of you will enjoy it. Her Joyous Woman page on fb is worth ‘liking’. Read on..

Joyous Woman! with Sukhvinder Sircar

Natalia Tajera Art: Natalia Tajera

She’s accessing a joyous inner conversation.

She’s speaking to herself differently now. She thought she was a victim to an external oppressor, but it’s been more dangerous than that.

She’s realising she had internalized all her oppressors from childhood. They’re still busy controlling & disciplining her as her inner voice. These voices create self-reproach when she’s just resting on the couch, reading a book, sitting in the garden, taking a nap ~ saying to her ‘don’t waste your time’. She’s been so programmed into being useful & productive that’ free’ time, indulgence, self-care becomes a ‘guilty pleasure’. That she should rest is intolerant to this inner oppressor disguised as ‘her’ voice.

This voice is there to steal her power. It tells her she’s lesser when she’s with a group, it tells her she’s selfish when she wants to pursue her dream, and it tells her she wont make…

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A few favorite ‘seeings’ … of clarity, love and beauty

There are some words which take you to a place beyond words. There is some wisdom that you feel like visiting again and again and each time deeper layers are revealed. A few such pieces I share below.. to drink at the pool...  "You will reach a point where the heart tells itself what to … Continue reading A few favorite ‘seeings’ … of clarity, love and beauty