Tao of the Coach-Leader

Inspiring and Learning Together in Organisations & in Life

The last program from 9-12 Feb was a moving experience. With a few gifted CEOs, inspiring Leadership Coaches and enthusiastic people creating together a rare learning experience.

Learning is at the very heart of Living. And indeed the essence of a successful Business. And yet, ironically most businesses struggle to create a culture conducive to learning. Learning arises from leaders inspiring everyone to learn together. Discover in this four day journey

– How can we rediscover leadership & life as learning & inspiring each other?

– How can we be more open as a leader? (As humans, our core beauty and our core pain and struggle are in the area of Relationships. How can that be learned and taught?)

– How practical and possible is it for leaders in business for any of us to truly learn? Are we willing to be human and vulnerable? (It requires us to not “know” and discover what is true and empowering to all in the present).

A wise being expressed this with a simple eloquence, “While it is your greatness that they seek as a leader, it is your human-ness that allows them to access it”

The Tao programs create an environment that is conducive to leadership transformation and deep learning. The main approach is a unique synthesis of life-changing paradigms called Radical Coaching,..learning together in friendship. 

Key Benefits

Amongst other things, participants will experientially:

– Discover insights to be more effective leaders by connecting with their true nature and real strengths, including a glimpse of their deeper purpose.

– Learn the art of inspiring others through coaching – and develop a sensitivity and honesty to work with other people effectively and joyfully

– Be able to measurably see how their Personal Values & their Organization Culture match thus discovering a way to find an alignment and fulfillment (Optional Assessment required for this)

– Learn skills and mindsets and experience deep shifts in their being in areas of Relationships at home and workplace.

– Be empowered to embrace paradoxes that life and leadership bring, like balancing task and relationship, the inner and outer, the measurable results and the immeasurable values and consciousness.

Workshop Details

The Tao of Leadership is held in the form of an open/public workshop and has been conducted in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Singapore.

About the Facilitator

Kiran Gulrajani is a Leadership facilitator and coach who has developed hundreds of training entrepreneurs and business leaders through his programs, ‘Tao of Facilitation’ (open for all) and Co-creative Leadership (for businesses).

He has close to 30 years of experience in the field including marketing and sales- 8 years- (HCL & ITC Packaging), learning & leadership development- 3 years (Pragati Learning, now, Pragati Leadership) and consciousness-centred leadership & facilitator & coach development and building communities- 18 years (as founder of Eternale Learning and then, CoEvolve). He is a B.Tech from IIT Bombay(1986) & an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur (1990). His leadership journey began at a young age of 20 years when he became the General Secretary, Student Affairs of IIT inspiring with various stakeholders – other student leaders, faculty and mess workers.

Since 1996, his programs have touched people in dozens of leading companies & thousands of people across diverse sectors including Banking & Finance, IT, FMCG, Automotive, Service Sectors and more. Organizations like Sigma Electric, Cisco, Oracle, SKF, P&G, RSB, Johnson & Johnson and others. His work has touched the lives of several CEOs and functional heads and has been appreciated by global audiences (USA, Singapore, S. Africa & Nepal).

He has been certified as a facilitator and coach by several world class bodies of work of professionals like Richard Barrett, Peter Senge, Gay Hendricks and Dr. Demartini. And now is in the process of bringing forth his own body of work which he shares in this learning journey.


“Our senior people who have attended Kiran’s workshop have benefited greatly by it, as have I personally. The workshop is deep yet practical, offering a mirror to see your own abilities …
Going through a series of exercises (experiences), I was able to easily identify rough edges in the way I was relating to people. I have noticed distinct improvements and I have no hesitation in recommending Kiran’s program to any leader or aspirant.”

– Sudhakar Ram, when Chairman & Group CEO, Mastek

“Kiran Gulrajani is a gifted human being. He has the unique ability to sense the ‘blocks & presuppositions’ that are preventing an individual’s progress towards his cherished goal. Moreover, he is truly gifted in the art of deep listening. This allows him to magically open doors that seemed shut tight. This ability makes him an exceptional life coach.
I have had the privilege of working with him individually as well as with a few clients. Every time with great results.”

– Shreekant Gupte
CEO Coach

“Would love to join (again). Working with Kiran has been a life-changing experience for me. The sincerity of the approach, the willingness to approach reality in its nakedness and rebound from there into the realm of life, the desire to include and involve and engage and inspire anyone participating so that they not just take part but co-create… there is a deep commitment to everyone‘s greatness and this greatness being revealed… Now we are working together and the sparks, every time the opportunity presents itself, dance and dance… to turn into life and 4 magical letters L-O-V-E”

– Ludovic Odier (Based out of Singapore, Ludo runs a successful outfit to build teams and manage events, now inspired to build leaders and co-creative ecologies)

“Kiran weaves magic and allows others to own it. There is great joy and revelation here. A highly recommended learning experience with lessons that shine on in one’s lifestream. May all have a bright heart!”

-Nithya Shanti
A spiritual teacher who was a forest monk for 6 years and now teaches the Art of Happiness across the world.

Dates: 17-20 March. Residential.

Plus 3 Zoom Sessions online –  Tuesdays 20/Feb, 27/Feb, 6/March (730pm to 9pm)

Venue: Pune/ Lonavala (To be announced)


Rs. 45,000 for participants from Business and Corporate organisations + GST

Rs. 25,000 for individual professionals +GST

No one is turned away from the Tao because of monetary considerations. If that is coming in the way, we can work out a creative way.

For enrolling,


Kokil Poddar : +91 80803 94875

Kiran Gulrajani :  Whatsapp : +91 98239-69473