Shams of Tabriz’s 40 Rules of life & love

This book touched me deeply. Thanks to Sayani who brought this to me. Thanks Arjun. Love you.

Treasure within

Rule 1

How we see God is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves. If God brings to mind mostly fear and blame, it means there is too much fear and blame welled inside us. If we see God as full of love and compassion, so are we.

Rule 2

The path to the Truth is a labour of the heart, not of the head. Make your heart your primary guide! Not your mind. Meet, challenge and ultimately prevail over your nafs with your heart. Knowing your ego will lead you to the knowledge of God.

Rule 3

You can study God through everything and everyone in the universe, because God is not confined in a mosque, synagogue or church. But if you are still in need of knowing where exactly His abode is, there is only one place to look for him: in the heart of a true…

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Beauty hidden inside Conflict : Co-creation

I forget who said this but its nice..
‘There is the dearest freshness deep inside things’

And I love that Hindi song.
Dil ko dekho chehra na dekho chehron ne laakhon ko loota
Dil saccha aur chehra jhootha.

(Look at the heart, not the face.. the face has ‘fooled’ a lot of people.
The heart is true, the face false- or like Sw. Vivekananda would say, a lesser truth)

I woke up this morning having been witness to a ‘conflict’ (I know it’s a strong word and maybe it is more politically correct to say.. ‘difference of opinion’, ‘diversity of thought’ etc.. but why not just stay with the strength of the word)

The ‘Tao of facilitation’ has been perhaps the most precious journey for me in this life which speaks to the beauty beneath conflic. A journey, which,  amongst other things, has revealed this freshness, this beauty, this heart. And in a way that we discover it together, live it, be it. It is not about some ‘gyan’ (knowledge) being delivered – though that may be a part of it.. it is about seeing together, travelling together. Creating, allowing magic together. And the ever deepening view of the beauty .. within ‘conflict’, within us, in all of life. There is a greatness. A freshness. That waits. And smiles. And whispers. And tickles the soul.

We all experience conflicts in our relationships-with others and within ourselves- well most of us at least 😉 The outer conflicts undoubtedly mirror some inner stuff that is wanting to be surfaced and resolved. The word resolved has the word ‘loved’ hidden in it – yes, there are parts of us that need to be loved and accepted. And when we don’t see them inside us they meet us outside in the form of opinions and views of seemingly ‘other’ people.

I think it was Carl Jung who said something like, ‘What we refuse to accept inside us, we encounter as our fate’
And a dear friend, Joo Hock who is a devotee of Bucky Fuller and his work put it beautifully when we were starting the ‘Tao of facilitaton’ program in Singapore a year back I think. His opening comment was.. ‘I am happy to meet my other-ness-es’ I loved that. The other is really an otherness.

So, what is the beauty hidden inside Conflict?

Conflict is born when the one becomes two. And so is beauty.

The interplay of colours, the multitude of flavours, fragrances,
tastes, feelings, musical notes
when in harmony create beauty
And when in ‘harm only’ 😉
It appears as conflict… not because there is no beauty.

Only because it is hidden

Until we can see the other side and hence the whole and locate ourselves in a place beyond right/wrong, good/bad, pain/pleasure in the beautiful space of love and gratitude. Which is our essential nature. Why not nurture that or actually simply connect with that.. be that.

Some would say, ‘Easier said than done’
And I would say, Yes.. until it is easier done than said.
Until saying and doing become one.

In my experience, the beauty hidden inside conflict is:

An opportunity

• To discover the truth beneath and beyond what appear as polarities.
• To learn to deal with emotions and feelings that surface- so we can face them before we surf them
• To remind ourselves, that ‘conflict’ can exist only in thought and the mind. Examine the thought, question it, turn it around, play with it and we can be free of it. Located in the sweetness of the truth that the thought was hiding
• To recognise the positive intention behind all negative behaviour (e.g. Structure has a beauty and so does flow and both can also have an ugliness! Its not in the word, in the idea, the concept- but always beneath)
• To listen, to listen, to listen. To the other, to ourselves, to the moment.
• To speak from the heart and recognise that the beauty of communication is in being both completely honest and very kind at the same time.
• To be willing to wonder and see the beauty of ‘not knowing’ (which allows us to dis-cover the here and now truth vs. tired clichés about truth) I love what my friend NithyaShanti wrote in his facebook status once :

My teacher Ajahn Chah said that contrary to what people believe, the more one ripens in wisdom, the more uncertain things become. He would often say, “Mai nae” – not sure, not a sure thing! Any sentence spoken without regard to uncertainity (e.g. “see you tomorrow!”) he considered not a wise statement.”

• To be silent and allow the wisdom of life to speak to us. It speaks often- through synchronous happenings- books, films, people, omens, bill boards- but mostly it speaks softly. Until we refuse to listen.
• To see that each of us is indeed completely responsible. Should we choose to be. And which means that we could own the intriguing task of inspiring the other to be completely responsible.
• To notice that while at the deepest level we know this, we often choose to blame and be victim. That’s comfortable. That’s human 😉 And its ok – we will see it and let go of it at the speed of life.
• To discover that there is a higher truth that holds these polarities in a beautiful balance. And this we need to arrive at together. We need to co-create. And until we are willing to do that, it is natural to “co-react”.
• Conflict reminds us that we need to discover a texture of reality that we are not seeing by perhaps over-simplifying. A line that is etched in my heart is- ‘Understanding evolves from the simplistic to the complex to the profoundly simple’. Simplistic is superficial. The profoundly simple that we arrive at after travelling through complexity honours the depth and texture of reality. We often avoid it by saying- ‘I want to keep things simple’

For example, in a gathering of facilitators, leaders as we are trying to co-create an ecology- a new way of working together very different from a traditional hierarchical organisation. We encountered a natural human resistance to go into the complexity of it. And yet, how might we arrive at the profound simplicity without that. We are learning to see that structure and flow are not opposed to each other, don’t conflict with each other – but like the masculine and feminine energies can cohere together in a beautiful unity.

There are more insights I have had. But something inside me tells me ‘enough’ for the time being. Like one of my dear friends said at the end of a poem he was writing ‘bas’ (enough in Hindi ;-)). The idea is not to overwhelm. Just to enable us to see something together.

All this and more is the learning I have had in my journey with fellow travellers, participants in ‘Tao of facilitation’. And the learning is the teaching. We always end up teaching what we most need to learn. And we teach best also that. It has been such a blessing in evolving together, enabling me and us to experience beauty, transcend duality and rest in the spacious essence beyond right/wrong.

“It is characteristic of all deep human problems that they are not to be approached without some humor and some bewilderment. After this, acting on faith becomes possible, and not before.”
— Freeman John Dyson

Above all, the gift of conflict is to take a deeper dive into consciousness. Of which happiness, joy, lightness is a beautiful expression.
I read somewhere that – Happiness has many expressions and in Hebrew there is a word for each. The happiness expressed in laughter is called Simcha.
When a person suddenly gains a straight perception of reality, the result is laughter. A flash of reality obliterates time honored falsehoods, and the soul laughs. Bare to the truth, the ‘straight of heart’ are ever open to deeper and deeper perceptions of reality. Thus their heart is sown with Simcha, the joy expressed in laughter.

All conflict reminds us to that maybe we have tightened up. And it is time to lighten up.

(Had written this on 14 June 2010 in my other blog ‘Tao of facilitation’ which I hardly update so reposting it here!)

The 11 Commandments Of The New-Age-Ego

A masterpiece by the Aalif-Gd inimitable duo. Thanks bros. This time you have outdone yourselves! hahahahahaha…



The ego, as you know, is clever, very clever.It can utilize everything for its own protection and perpetuation – including spirituality. With the very tools created for its dissolution, it can etch out a new version of itself. And since the old big-bad-ego has got more bad press than Kim Jong-un, it has been reinventing itself across the world in a new avatar: the new-age-ego. Since it is even more deceptive in this crystal-addicted, incense-sniffing guise, GD and me had a sit down to identify this new-age-ego in all its new-age glory. At the end of our hilarious session, we identified its eleven most important commandments, which are active below the surface at all times.

    Speed is one of the most under-appreciated tricks of the new-age-ego. Busyness, anxiety, rushing are all hallmarks of a superlative ego at work. Of course, the new-age-ego chases new-age goals…

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2014 in review: Not a lot statistically.. but enjoyed it.

An interesting year. Only 16 blog posts but statistics are telling.

My dearest friend and guide, Rajesh Dalal passed on and that post on an interview with him has been read by 4500 people. See if you feel like the highlights.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,500 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Road Less Traveled By (EFT script)

I love Sangeeta’s writing and wisdom.
This post particularly resonated with my being and also helped me clear up ‘thoughts and feelings’ that were coming in the way of seeing and being the truth. Enjoy and also see the comment I have shared.

Serene Reflection

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

~ Robert Frost

Have you ever felt out of place or ahead of your times?  Have you been called to explore new, unknown terrains but felt challenged by circumstances and others around you?  Path-breaking journeys often include a lot of emotional conflict and strife that may or may not be apparent externally.  But if you are struggling between honoring your inner voice and seeking the approval and support from your community, perhaps this EFT script will be useful for you.

The following assumes that you are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques.   You can refer to the one pager to get started and if you find it helpful, you can always find more material on the net.  For a more thorough understanding, you may want to get…

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Bach to Nature… Flower Essences for Emotional Well being.

There was an email from a friend whose dog has cancer and he is seeking help to enable the transition. For him and his dear friend. Thats what triggered me to finally complete this blog post pending now for a few years! So here is the story..

Many years ago, I think it was 1992 (Goodness,  22 years!!), I was about to board a flight and was speaking on the phone. In those days there were no cell phones. So just before boarding, there was a public phone booth. A man, came running with his wife and child in arms requested me if he could speak since there there was something critical.

I boarded the flight and guess what, this man with his family came and sat next to me. I don’t always get into a conversation with people who sit next to me on a flight but this time I did. And I discovered a wonderful human being and a holistic health doctor who would touch my life and the lives of my friends and relatives deeply for many years.

Dr. Manik Hiranandani, MD, Cardiology is a dear friend ( I was then fascinated with his diagnosis method- Iridology. He would study the Iris of both the eyes for an hour or more which would reveal to him mysteries and details that no other method could. I remember he told me that I was allergic to milk and wheat. And prescribed things like methi water and yes, Bach flower remedies!

I was going through an emotionally difficult patch at that time, a depression of sorts. And he asked me to take these remedies. I was very fascinated that there could be fower essences that could help deal with emotions. I took them and have taken them often since then.

I also discovered an amazing book on the subject, ‘Bach Flower Therapy’ – Mechthild Scheffer. I loved the remedies so much and also the book that I bought a few dozen copies and gifted it to many friends.

20 years later, I have the joy of sharing this with all of you. I am sure some of you must be familiar with it. And may who know may not have deeply dived and experimented with it. I would recommend you do.

The best part is that being natural the worst that can happen is that they will be harmless. Dr. Bach had a vision that these will be a part of every household. Most of us struggle with emotions and it is such a blessing that there is a one more way to deal with them.

I love this description by Dr. Bach himself about how they work:

‘The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self; to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm. They are able like beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our souls and by that very act to bring us peace and relieve our sufferings. They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away as snow in sunshine.

There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.

– Dr. Edward Bach, 1934

How to take:

They are available at any homeopathy shop though they work very differently. I would recomemnd that you buy one or more of them. Both liquid and pills. 6 to 8 drops in a bottle of water sipped 6 to 8 times a day is very good. Its not so much the quantity that you take but the frequency that increses the impact. When there is an acute emotion, you can take up to 10-12 times a day.

You can take a combination of up to 6 of them at a time. The pills are convenient while travelling/ to carry with you and you can put a few drops of the liquid in the pills once a week!

You will notice that these do not create any dependence and they will stop of their own accord when not needed. They carry an intelligence of their own.

Rescue remedy which is a combination of some 6 bach flowers is a good one to keep handy for everything. Fever, when you get hurt, stress etc. It can be applied on the body and also ingested.

Animals and plants also respond beautifully to them.

One of the many personal stories is that when I was in the corporate world and was contemplating transition ‘Wild Oat’ helped me. Stopped sowing wild oats 😉 and jumped into this work of learning, inner transformation, leadership & life coaching etc.

The 38 Bach flower remedies are classified in 7 broad categories in which we humans experience emotional challenges which also lead to physical illness often. These 7 categories are:

  • Fear
  • Uncertainity
  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances
  • Loneliness
  • Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas
  • Despondency or despair
  • Over-care for others

Within each category the remedies become more specific.                                                                                  


Mimulus Fear of known things / Shyness
Rock Rose Terror / Panic
Cherry Plum Fear of mind giving away
Aspen Fears and worries of unknown origin
Red Chestnut Over-concern for others


Cerato Seeks advice and confirmation from others
Scleranthus Indecision
Gentian Discouragement/despondency with a known reason
Gorse Hopelessness / “Give up from fighting”
Hornbeam “Monday morning” feeling
Wild Oat Uncertainty as to the correct path in life


Clematis Dreaminess / Lack of interest in present
Honeysuckle Lives in the past
Wild Rose Resignation / Apathy
Olive Lack of vital energy
White Chestnut Unwanted thoughts / Mental arguments
Chestnut Bud Failure to learn from past mistakes
Mustard Sadness with no origin


Water Violet Proud / Aloof
Impatiens Impatience
Heather Self-centredness / Self-concern


Agrimony Mental torment behind a cheerful face
Centaury Weak-willed and subservient
Walnut Protection from change and outside influences (present and past)
Holly Hatred / Envy / Jealousy 


Larch Lack of confidence
Pine Self-guilt
Elm Overwhelmed by responsibility
Sweet Chestnut Extreme mental anguish
Star of Bethlehem After-effects of shock (gives comfort)
Willow Resentment
Oak Exhausted but struggles on
Crab Apple Self-hatred / Sense of uncleanliness


Chicory Selfishly / Possessive
Vervain Over-enthusiasm
Vine Domineering / Inflexible
Beech Intolerance
Rock Water Self-repression / Self-denial

The below is another summary of the 38 remedies. Of what kind of an emotional disturbance and pattern they help in and what is the state after the healing.

S.NO.    BACH FLOWER  – The Pain (Persona)  The Joy (Essence)  

  1. AGRIMONY – Concealing torturing thoughts and inner    restlessness behind a facade of cheerfulness – Joyfulness and an ability to confront others and carefree behavior.
  1. ASPEN – Inexplicable, vague fears, apprehensions secret fear of some impending evil  – Fearlessness, Overcoming  & Resurrection
  1. BEECH – Critical attitude, arrogance, intolerance – Sympathy & Tolerance             
  1. CENTAURY – Weak willed, over-reaction to wishes of others,  good nature easily exploited, can’t say no   – Self determination and           self realization
  1. CERATO – Lack of confidence in own decisions –  Inner certainty, ‘inner voice’, intuition
  1. CHERRY PLUM-  Fear of letting to inside: fear of losing one’s  mind, uncontrolled outbreaks of temper – Openness & Composure
  1. CHESTNUT  BUD-  Repeating the same faults over and over again   because experiences are not digested  – Learning capacity and  materialization
  1. CHICORY – Possessive attitude, excessively interfering andsecretly manipulating –     Motherliness and Selfless love
  1. CLEMATIS – Daydreamer, thoughts always elsewhere  – Creative idealism                        
  1. CRAB APPLE – Feels unclean, infested, self-disgust – Order, Purity, Perfection              
  1. ELM  – Temporary feeling of inadequacy  – Responsibility
  1. GENTIAN – Sceptical, doubting, pessimistic, easily discouraged  – Faith
  1. GORSE   – Hopelessness  – Hope  
  1. HEATHER –  Self-centered, obsessed with own troubles &   affairs, constantly needs an audience ‘the needy child’ – Empathy and readiness to  help    
  1. HOLLY – Jealousy, distrust, feelings of hatred and envy at all levels – Divine, all-encompassing   love that maintains the world & is greater than human reason. Our true life elixir, the greatest healing power, strongest motive force.
  1. HONEY  SUCKLE – Longing for the past, regrets over the past; not living in the present – Capacity to change and ability to establish links.    
  1. HORNBEAM – Weariness, mental exhaustion, either temporary   or prolonged procrastination  –  Inner vitality and  freshness
  1. IMPATIENS – Impatient, irritable, excessive reactions  – Patience and gentleness                 
  1. LARCH – Expecting to fail due to lack of self-confidence, inferiority complexes- Self confidence  
  1. MIMULUS – Shyness, timidity, afraid of the world –  Courage & confidence                   
  1. MUSTARD – Periods of deep gloom and melancholia suddenly appear and disappear – Cheerfulness & Serenity
  1. OAK – The fighter, exhausted and brought to his knees who struggles bravely, never gives up.- Strength & Endurance                  
  1. OLIVE – Completely exhausted, extreme physical and mental fatigue  – Regeneration, Peace and Restored balance
  1. PINE – Self-approach, guilt feelings, despondency  –   Forgiveness  
  1. RED CHESTNUT  – Excessive concern and worry over others –             Solicitude and love of one’s  neighbor.
  1. ROCK ROSE Extreme acute state of fear, terror & panic   – Courage and Steadfastness             
  1. ROCK WATER   Having strict rigid views, suppressed inner needs –      Adaptability and inner  freedom
  1. SCLERANTHUS – Indecisive, erratic, lacking inner balance, Opinions and moods change very fast – Poise and balance
  1. STAR OF BETHLEHEM-  ‘Comforter and soother of pains and sorrows’  esp. after shocks  – Awakening and Reorientation
  1. SWEET CHESTNUT    – Absolute dejection. Think one has reached the limits of endurance    – Can Relate back to life with cheerfulness
  1. VERVAIN – Over-enthusiastic in supporting a good cause –  Self discipline & Restraint                       
  1. VINE – Dominating, inflexible, striving for power   – Authority and ability to carry  conviction
  1. WALNUT – Difficulties of adjusting it transition periods  – A new beginning and unaffectedness
  1. WATER VIOLET- Inner reserve, proud withdrawal, feeling superiority in isolation, less emotional involvement- Humility and wisdom        
  1. WHITE CHESTNUT- Mental arguments and dialogues of unwanted  thoughts –  Tranquility and Discernment        
  1. WILD OAT – Dissatisfaction as one’s mission in life is not found. Indefinite as to ambitions. – Vocation & Purposefulness. 
  1. WILD ROSE – Apathy; Lack of interest & ambition; Resignation     – Devotion and Inner motivation    
  2. WILLOW – Unspoken resentment, bitterness, ‘poor me’ or  ‘victim of fate’ attitude  – Personal responsibility and constructive thought.

RESCUE  REMEDY- This is a combination of a few bach flower remedies and popular  –  First aid or emergency drops- generally good to keep – like a multi-purpose natural remedy. 

The best book on Bach Flowers is

Bach Flower Therapy- Mechthild Scheffer (click the underlined link to go to it). Do have a look and experiment. Dr. Bach wanted it to be a part of every household. With many people grappling with so much emotional stuff.

So my dear friend, I do hope you will take this and also give it to your dog who has cancer. Star of Beth is generally very good. And you will know which is right. Trust your instinct. And you can combine a few!

The panorama of Coaching, Leadership Learning & Well-being – thru my lens

So, for long I have been thinking how would it be to simply make a comprehensive list of all that I use for Coaching, what I have benefited from.

(Afterword:) I wrote this last night and a little after I woke up, I felt I  must add that for some such a long list of 27 plus possibilities with several links is likely to overwhelm. So I have a recommendation: Pick up a challenge that you are facing- relationship, health, money, suffering – what have you- and then intuitively or spontaneously pick up just ONE or max two items and go into it deeply – many of them have links. Some don’t.. if you need to know about what doesn’t have the link- write to me! Also – the links are not obvious in the format of this blog- hence I have mentioned ‘see link’ often- they are the underlined words.

So back to the original post:

When I did my Leadership Assessment using the beautiful tool of Barrett Values which mapped my leadership on 7 levels of Consciousness, Coaching & Mentoring appeared as my top strength. 14 of the 20 of my assessors said that was a strength! I had not picked it surprisingly. But then I guess, we often don’t see that which is our second nature!

And the Gallup Strengths finder which is also a very powerful tool said my top Strength is ‘Connecting’.

Maybe you will see it in this blog post.. as I attempt to connect all that I use for Coaching. So here goes:

1. The four fundamental skills (which are actually also attitudes and aspects of being depending how deeply you want to look at it!) – Deep Listening, Authentic Speaking, Inquiring/Questioning from Wonder and Spacious Silence. Those of you who have participated in the ‘Tao of Facilitation’ or the ‘Co-creative Leadership – the version for businesses/ institutions (yet to blog about this!)

2. Byron katie’s ‘Work‘ (see link!) – the four questions and the turnaround- Deep Acceptance born of that. How everything outside is a mirror of what’s inside!

3. A 20 min coaching process (see link!)  which emphasizes silence and questioning

4. Ho’oponopono  (link!) – the magical Hawaaian healing technique for forgiveness and brining back love

5. Bach flower remedies (link!) – emotional healing and well being – 38 wild flowers that heal emotions of sadness, anger,  fear and more..

6. EFT sometimes, (Emotional Freedom Technique)

7. These days .. I love to come to the key question that I am myself exploring – What is the deepest longing and how the ending of suffering/ separation/ fear- takes care of all challenges.

8.  YouTube Videos of Mooji, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira and the various teachers pointing to the ending of suffering. And live/youtube  Satsangs of Ananta (link!) & Sangha of Being (Bangalore)  and Rajee (Pune) , The Joy of Clarity. 

9. Readings from my blog posts esp. some of them more frequently

10. Certain pages in fb- esp. Jeff Foster (link!) , Joyous Woman of Sukhvinder Sircar – that deserves to be a great book- will someone help out?

11. Certain books- Tao of Leadership- John Heider, Freedom from the Known- J. Krishnamurti. Loving What is- Byron Katie, War of Art- Steven Pressfield (have some of these pdfs if any of you want just inbox me at, Big Leap- Gay Hendricks etc.

12. Birthdates and the incredible insights that they provide about the life we were born to live! (see link!)-  based on my study – North Nodes, Life Purpose numbers, and now, Gene Keys!

13. Personal Values Assessment ( click link!) of Barrett (Free!) & the whole body of work. Leadership Development Report (Barrett) – for this you will need to contact me or one of the certified practitioners.

14. The work of Being at Full Potential (link!) about how the work can happen from a being space. With leaders and in organisations.

15. Feeling your feelings, meeting the feeling- which I learnt from the Hendricks work

16. The CoEvolves framework – Mind (Thinking)-Heart (Feeling) -Body (Action) born out of Spirit (Being) and returning to being/ presence (yet to put in on blog- hopefully soon!)

17. Silence – this deserves a special mention!

18. The Helicopter/ Balcony view- this is such a vital piece.. to watch oneself/ the whole- step out of the ‘person’al viewpoint.

19. Breath

20. Referring people to other friends who are great coaches.

21. Some great communities – Learning Societies, Pune Urban Village (link!), Swaraj University (fb link), Service Space  (link!)

22. Certain blogs- Children my partners of Dola Dasgupta,  Serene Reflection of Sangeeta Bhagwat, Superaalifragilistic  of Aalif Surti, and love, fresh air and sunshine of Sangeetha Sriram

23. Earthy Stuff: Clearing up issues of Money & Sexuality are at the heart of healing often. As is the connection with parents. Connecting with the Body has taken me a lifetime and it seems I am just beginning! And I would recommend body work. One powerful option was Dr. Mathew- Himal Clinic, Kodaikanal. He is leaving for Australia soon but I had the fortune of getting started with him.

24. Clear clutter – Simplify- My dear friend, Sindhu Ramachandran’s work is to help simplify and declutter their lives and spaces – check out her website on Simplifying Life. The rich have a lot of money, the truly wealthy have a lot of time. 

25. Some amazing holistic wellbeing doctors that I have come across apart from Dr. Mathew mentioned above who are wonderful friends now- Dr. Manik Hiranandani – Healing with Love, Care and Wisdom (link!), Dr. Suresh Shottam – Wishing Well Health Care and Dr. Shirkant Bagewadikar (not much on web!)

26. Core Healing Energy  – my dear friend and mentor GD who Aalif writes about also oversees this powerful healing through a machine which diagnoses and creates energy medicine and also transmits over distance.

27. Last and perhaps the ‘least’ 🙂 – Doing nothing.. I am slowly but surely learning this- if it can be learnt!!. To drop stuff. I am right now in Kodaikanal for some Body work with a wonderful human being, Dr. Mathew who told me a telling line of Osho: “Laziness is a kind of intelligence” .. and to which I will add my 2-bit: Busyness is a kind of ignorance. My first blog post was – Slowing down to the Speed of Life – in which there is a nice anecdote of Doing nothing- have a look.

I just discovered that I can add a ‘Contact form’ so here it is.. and perhaps its most important for this post.

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