Radical Coaching… learning together in friendship

There have been a number of coincidences which are clarifying for me what is life is inviting me into. Almost seducing me into. šŸ˜‰ At least 6 to 7 specific signs - all in the space of a month. The session with the Association of Mumbai Coaches was intriguing. I never cease to be amazed … Continue reading Radical Coaching… learning together in friendship

Coaching in 20 minutes!

It challenges what most of us have heard or experienced about Coaching. Is it really possible to coach in just 20 minutes? Normally coaches typically take an hour, sometimes two.. so what could possibly happen in a mere 20 minutes? I discovered ā€¦ quite a lot. And I have to thank Mike Jay (www.leadu.com) who … Continue reading Coaching in 20 minutes!